We are not only offering professional CCTV pipeline inspection services, cleaning of sewer lines and rehabilitation of pipe, but we also engineer toughest cleaning nozzles for customer’s best solution. High-tech products with our unsurpassed workmanship quality which comes with great service will fulfill every customer. Different nozzle has unique and particular cleaning features as they possess diverse jet angles for cleaning power. Penetration and pressure of all hardened steel can tear almost any kind of blockage with their optimized flow.


We supply wear resistant, hardened steel pipe cleaning nozzle, grenade bomb and also chisel point nozzle. Pipe cleaning nozzle is especially for removal of sludge deposits and clogging. Pipe cleaning nozzles has outlet 30۫۫ angle for water of nozzle to work directly against the pipe wall, flush away debris and grease on all cross hole. Grenade bomb with 10۫۫ and 30۫۫ angle uniquely designed to transport stones and gravel. Efficiency of chisel point nozzle is considerably higher if used as penetration of completely clogged pipe or opening of root masses. We provide suitable tools for exclusive application.

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