Fiberglass Plate

In the rapid growing world, buildings and structures are essential for us. However due to the environment attack, some naturally occurring resources will deteriorate and corrode. Thus, preventive maintenance and other reinforcement need to be done to secure and together extend the service life. Comparing to corrosive steel plate, fiberglass plate is another alternative which has the unmatched corrosive-resistant properties. It is easy to store, cut and even install. Even though fiberglass plate is light in weight; it has high strength and durability to all environment condition. It has low thermal and electrical conductivity. Therefore, fiberglass is suitable to use in construction industry as it deters theft.


Our fabricated fiberglass plate can also be customized. At the same time, we also supply standard size in 4ft x 8ft fiberglass plate where clients can modify according to their needs. All our products has coarse surface for excellent anti-slip property. They are widely use as trench cover, platform, sump cover, septic tank chamber cover, aeration tank manhole cover and so forth.

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