Manhole Rehabilitation

A worn out house may need renovation, same applies to manhole. Manhole rehabilitation extends the life of existing manhole and cut down expenses of maintenance at the same time. Normally active leaks are stopped by using chemical grout or hydraulic cement sealant.



Preparation and cleaning work to remove debris, degraded concrete, uneven surface is done accordingly to provide clean surface for lining material to properly bond with original substrate. One layer of bonding agent will be applied onto the wall chamber and then another layer of mortar which is resistant and impermeable to water and severe sulphate attack will be applied onto the public sewage chamber. Chemical that is used on the wall must be capable of being exposed to water and suitable to serve as a resistant coat for the rehabilitation chamber.


Before undergoing the whole process, plugging and overhead pumping have to be ready for man entry rehabilitation work. Live line increases the exposure of dangerous gases so it has to be done by our experts and trained personals.


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