Root Ingression/Grease Accumulation

Tree roots are common causes for blockage for drain or pipe and sewer. Root gain access to the network through fractures, joint displaced or cracks. Rubber sealed coupling is installed to reduce ingression of root. However, root can still enter the system due to attraction of moisture and also nutrient feed. Over time, root ingression will create even greater problem for instance, overflow of manhole, blocked sink and toilet which will cause foul smell and attract irritating rodents.


Dreadful condition can be eliminated by open excavation or go for trenchless solution; root cutting. We provide high pressure water jet together with this distinctive feature, to clear root masses in pipeline. This situation applies not only to root but also accumulation of grease. Grease that slipped down to drain from food waste, animal fat, cooking oil and grease generated during food preparation will clog sewers. The condition will be worse by not installing any grease trap before directing the wastewater to underground sewer system. Blockage can be formed by fats, oils, and grease discharged. Most of the time, harden grease cannot be cleared once and for all by jetting; it has to be removed by using tougher equipment. Peace of mind when it comes to root cutting, fibrous plant and grease or small portion of cements removing with the use of our rotary chain cutter.