CCTV Sewerline Inspection

Green World's CCTV (closed circuit television) inspection uses a cutting edge technology where a television camera is mounted on the robotic device which is connected to a video monitor and a recording device connected by a long electric cable. Our professional and experienced staff will then place the robotic system into the sewer through a manhole. Our cameras pan and tilt to provide a 360 degree perfect view on the pipeline of inspection at any angle to enable analyze to be done. Any wreckage within a sewer line will be viewed and interpreted by our trained technician. The camera comes with a measuring device; automatically record the length of the inspected pipe. The exact condition and location of defect is then recorded for the reference of clients and later examination. After pinpointing the problem, accurate decision can be made. Our reports documented everything on the pipeline. Soft copy will be enclosed together will the hard copy prior submission of report.

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